My vision of the I2P project

Technically, I2P provides a secure transport for various network applications. In practice that means, that users get more control over their digital life with it.

With I2P users get full control over their communications:

  • which personal data is being shared with the world (protection from illegal surveillance)
  • which information and online services are available (disable censorship and break artificial government borders)

This control provides protection against modern digital life threats (criminals, corrupt governments, surveillance capitalists).

Just like the printing press led to the Age of Enlightenment, the Internet leads us towards a new leap in collective consciousness. Humans CAN and WILL be more developed, our economy will be much more stable and inclusive.

Various powerful organisations want to keep control over our digital lifes, they want to keep that power as long as they can (just like the Roman Empire Church back then). They will use all sorts of dirty tricks to maintain the status quo, but the progress is unstoppable.

To sum up, the value I2P provides is a control over digital life for the user. It is accomplished by providing a secure infrastructure for our network communications.

I2P (or a similar technology) should become an important part of our network infrastructure. It is still in development with a lot of things to be done, so making such statement can be too optimistic at this moment. Those are just some thesis statements about my vision of the I2P project.

by Viktor Villainov in «blog». Tags: i2p